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About Kimberly

It turns out that dogs aren’t the only ones who like to shred paper!!

kimberly_circa_1978That’s me, Kimberly, to the right in 1978 (I wish I still had those shoes…). I am the artist behind Miximals & Co. collages. I make art from recycled magazines and junk mail because trees are for monkeys and squirrels. Look closely and you’ll find all kinds of hidden objects like buttons, door knobs, jewelry, fruit, chocolate and more. My work draws inspiration from my early childhood years where I grew up on a farm in rural Virginia with cats, dogs, sheep, horses and my crafty mom, handy dad, big sister and little brother. And now from my sweet baby twin daughters (who turn one on January 16 of this year!). I am particularly interested in creating work that encourages both children and adults to use their imagination.

I graduated with a BFA in illustration from Syracuse University. It was at Syracuse where I first really dabbled in collage proving parents around the world right, that yes (sorry kids!), school really does work. I make artwork under the brand name Miximals & Co. and have a line of greeting cards and prints based on my originals, which are sold here online and through retail stores across the US. I have also licensed work to clients including Staples and Storychimes/Sony ATV, the later as part of a collection of The Beatles interactive story/songbook app for iOS and Andriod. And I am currently producing a children’s book “Animal ABCs” in partnership with children’s singer/songwriter Brian Vogan & His Good Buddies. I show my work in galleries and teach collage workshops as time permits.

My studio is in Watertown, MA where I reside with my lovely (and ever patient!!) husband, Panos and our identical twin baby daughters, Lydia and Zoe.

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