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Recycled Rain Sticks

Creative time with my little ladies Lydia & Zoe is one of my favorite parts of the day. We are constantly looking for projects where we can recycle bits and pieces from around the house…

It’s been SUPER hot here in the Boston area. So we decided to beat the heat and stay inside to make rain sticks! We first saw this activity over on the Happy Holigans blog (so many great ideas!).

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Kids making collage!

Kids (and a few parents too!) get creative with scissors and glue!

I did a collage workshop over at the Arsenal Center for the Arts on Mother’s Day weekend as part of Open Arts Day. We had TONS of fun. There’s nothing like spending a day with kids making collages… it’s so fun to see their little minds at work. They approach things in such a sincere, worry free way.

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Help #findahomefor animals in need of adoption

I’m dedicating the month of March to helping #findahomefor animals in need of adoption!

I’m often approached to help out animal rescues & shelters by donating artwork for raffles, giveaways, galas, art shows, etc. Which got me to thinking… I wonder if there is a way I can have a more immediate impact. Really help some of these pups and kitties (and more) to find a new home! Read More

Finding Inspiration and Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

Is there such things as Happy Belated Valentine’s Day? It works for birthdays though I suspect wouldn’t go over as well for Valentine’s Day with most folks. For me, Valentine’s Day is about being thankful for all the good and loving things in my life! My lovely husband Panos, my beautiful one-year identical twin girls Lydia and Zoe, my family, my friends, my art… it’s kind of like Thanksgiving with a veil of lovey, mushy stuff over it. Read More

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